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As an essential business, we will remain open to see patients during the coronavirus pandemic. We will still be available if your pet is injured, ill, requires surgery or dental procedures or needs to be updated on Rabies vaccination.  We will also continue to provide care for puppies and kittens undergoing their initial vaccination series.  We will not be seeing elective appointments that can wait until there is less uncertainty regarding the status of the coronavirus.  What is inconvenient for all of us now may help same someone else's life.

  • Call ahead if you need to pickup prescription drugs or diets.  We will take your payment over the phone and have the order ready for you to pick up the same day.  When you arrive at the hospital, call and a staff member will bring your order outside to you.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, call from your car.  We will send a staff member outside to get your pet from you.  We are not allowing owners into the hospital currently due to the social distancing policies in effect. Once your pet is examined, the doctor will call you to discuss recommendations for testing and/or treatment.  When your pet is ready to leave, a staff member will return your pet to your car with any needed medications.  We are trying to have all payment be done via credit card over the phone to avoid any unnecessary contact.
  • If you have a cough or a fever, please try to have another person be the one to bring your pet into the hospital.
  • Who is loving all this quarantining at home?  Your pets!  They are the only winners in this situation right now. We all have to do our best to stay safe.  Eventually there will be a vaccine effective for people, we just need to have patience.  This virus is novel and no one has any inherent immunity to it.  Anyone can become ill from it.

Currently we are working on getting our online store up and running.  It will be accessible from our website and is called MyVetStoreOnline. We will keep you posted on our progress, but I expect it to be available for use next month.  Check it out if you like to order from  It helps our community  if you use our online store and shop local.

Other info:
  • We are trying to transition everyone who has been using Interceptor heartworm preventive to a generic form of the same drug called Milbeguard.  It is used monthly, covers all the same parasites as Interceptor but is quite a bit less costly.  We will still have Heartgard and Iverheart PLus for people who like those preventives.  However, if you would like a very cost effective, palatable and quality heartworm preventive, I recommend you try Milbegard.
  • Flea and tick season is here- we will continue to provide Bravecto , Seresto collars, Vectra and Vectra 3D and Credelio.  All of these products have consistently produced excellent insecticide ability and have been found to be safe.


In order to use our brand new online pharmacy, click on the link below.  You will enter your postal zip code in order to locate our hospital on the list of providers.  You register once with us , then you are all set to place orders!  We will authorize valid prescription medications, diets, flea and tick products, and heartworm preventives the day you place the order.  This has been an ongoing project for us, and we are excited to have it up and running now that the pandemic has affected us all with social distancing and stay at home recommendations.



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